About us

Laura - THE Chief

Organ Grinder

Loves Leopard

Gareth - Chief techie

Photographer & Tech

Loves Gadgets

Cooper - Chief ideas guy

Brand Guru

Loves Lego

Jensen - Chief yes/no guy

Moaning Model

Loves Pandas

A family. Our family brand. Created by wife and husband team along with their 2 boys aged 8 & 5. In fact, the name Koopsen is derived from our boys names. We all have an input into style, colour and design. Our initial idea was to create a comfortable, stylish, practical travelling trouser that was smarter than a jogger and not a legging. Durable and fashionable, perfect for passing onto siblings regardless of gender. 


The journey has been a long one but we have arrived. 


Our expanding range also includes sweatshirts for kids and adults with newness being added continually. Got to get passed the yes/no guy first!

Quite simply.

Our clothes are aimed at you.

Whoever you are. Whoever you want to be. Love them. Wear them. Pass them on.